If you spend a lot of time around people planning to travel the world, you’ll notice that a common concern is what to do about cell phone service. US cell phone plans are notoriously expensive, so does it make sense to keep them while you’re traveling?

Having just spent a month in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, we figured expenses in Innsbruck would be similar. As I was tracking our expenses, there were definitely some surprises - while housing was cheaper, groceries in Austria were much more expensive!

Let’s break down out monthly expenses in Innsbruck, Austria:

Skanderbeg Square

Albania was the first country we visited where we really didn’t know what to expect. When we told others about our plans to spend a month there, we were often met with a blank look or heard some negative stereotype about the country. In contrast, almost everyone who had actually experienced the country seemed to love it. We decided to approach the capital city, Tirana, with an open mind.

Dentist in Tirana, Albania

Given the insane cost of healthcare in the United States and the reasonable fear of many Americans that any health crisis will wipe them out, the question of health insurance while traveling is a major concern for would-be travelers. Many Americans can’t imagine leaving an employer for fear of losing health insurance, and this same fear can keep families who want to travel stuck in place.

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