We’ve been in Porto for nearly 6 months now and after all of our traveling last year...we were ready to get out of town for a bit. Not having been to Lisbon since this time last year, we decided to head back and check out some of the sites we missed on our first visit. It was a lovely weekend, so I thought I’d share what the kids (and adults) enjoyed.

We spent three months in Morocco, and while we were there, we had family come and visit. They decided that they wanted to do a tour of much of the country, which is hard to do - especially with two young children. Arriving in Tangier from Spain via ferry, we met them in Tangier and hired a van to transport us wherever we wanted to go. In terms of convenience, this a great way to travel - you can go wherever you want to go, take breaks whenever you need them (potty!), and change your plans as necessary. Anyone with little kids can see the value in that.

Once we decided to start traveling, we had to decide on our destinations, which is a bit difficult when anything is possible! I was really excited about spending an extended period in German speaking countries, since German is one of our home languages. I wanted my kids to see the language in action - and there wasn’t much German to be heard in California!

Whether you want to hit the national monuments or just meander through the medina, Rabat - the capital of Morocco - has a lot to offer.  Because it’s neither as steeped in history as Fez or as flashy as Marrakech, Rabat tends to attract less tourists - and that’s a benefit in my book. Even the tourist attractions in this city feel relaxed in comparison to Fez and Marrakech.

Walking back from Eckbauer Bahn

This year we’ve spent much of our time in the Garmisch area exploring hikes that are doable with our 4 and 7-year-old boys, so it makes sense to share what we’ve learned! Today we decided to head to Partenkirchen to take the Eckbauer Bahn cable car 1,236 meters up to the top of the Eckbauer mountain.

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